Indoor Localization:
After you reach DCC-FCUP, you can find the conference auditorium according to the lateral scheme.

Campo Alegre (where FCUP is located) is a region with frequent traffic. If you are going to use your own vehicle and arrive early, Rua Prof. José Valente. Rua António Nobre, Rua de Guilherme Braga or Rua Alberto de Oliveira are usually places where you can park for free. You also have a paid SABA car park on Rua Campo Alegre, near Madureiras restaurant, which may be an option.

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Certificate of attendance/Recepit::
Via email after the event.

Registration Process:
You don’t need to print nothing or receive any further information by email, if you registered at the conference. Say your name and institution at the registration desk and enjoy it!.

Social Networks (TAG US!):
Facebook: @APRP.Portugal.