APRP Best MSc Thesis 2019:
Vasco Ferrinho Lopes author of “RobotChain: Artificial Intelligence on a Blockchain using Tezos Technology”.

APRP Honorable Mention MSc Thesis 2019:
João António Fernandes da Costa author of “AutoSpeech: Automatic Speech Analysis of Verbal Fluency for Older Adults”;
Fábio André da Costa Lopes author of “Contributions to Clinical Information Extraction in Portuguese: Corpora, Named Entity Recognition, Word Embeddings”.

RECPAD Best Paper Award 2019:
Isabel Cristina Rio-Torto de Oliveira author of “Producing Decisions and Explanations: A Joint Approach Towards Explainable CNNs”.

RECPAD Best Demo Award 2019:
João Manuel Patrício Pedrosa author of “LNDetector: a flexible gaze characterisation collaborative platform for pulmonary nodule screening”.